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GPP has the rare ability to translate ideas into practical trainings for members as well as a depth of knowledge about organizing and organizations.” Doran Schrantz, Executive Director, ISAIAH

Our Reflections on the 2016 Elections and Where We Go From Here:

We have written a long-form essay about the elections and where we go from here. It is called Sharp Right Turn Ahead. 

The outcomes of the longest, ugliest election season in memory strongly reinforce the need for long-term strategy that guides short-term work, including the necessary resistance work and defensive responses to attacks on multiple fronts. It reinforces the need for integrated electoral work and independent politics in which local and state organizing is oriented toward building a progressive bloc of voters who are treated as much more than voters; as agents of change, as makers of history. It compels us to think and act more boldly about the centrality of race for American politics, for class identities and politics especially, so that, instead of retreating from a politics of liberation and justice, including racial justice, we must create new associations between liberation, racial justice, and working-class identity. 

Bringing Strategic Practice to the States

We think the most promising place to promote a major strategic advance today is at the state level – that we can build coherent progressive infrastructure at the state level that can aim at major transformational goals and advance towards them. States can create models that demonstrate what progressive governing power looks like, concretely. It is more than winning on one or another specific issue, which we have been doing while the whole country is moving farther to the right. We need to show that progressives can move beyond disparate policy campaigns, that by developing a new and collective way of working together, we can begin to achieve enough power, i.e. governing power, that makes a real difference in the conditions for communities of color, working-class and poor communities in the state.

For 2017, we are expanding our state-based power-building work to help more states develop tools and methodologies to create a progressive infrastructure for major strategic goals, in particular, progressive governing power. In the process of building infrastructure, states will demonstrate what progressive governing power can look like, during a time when we will see little to no progress at the national level. 

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Our writings on strategic practice: