Sharp Right Turn Ahead

GPP has written a long-form essay about the 2016 elections and what they mean for our social and racial justice movements: Sharp Right Turn Ahead

We know that for the next two to four years, we will need to resist and disrupt the normalization of Trumpism and the far-right agenda for which Trump's presidency provides cover. We will need to protect, defend and provide sanctuary to those who will bear the brunt of a reactionary politics steeped in white resentment and ideologies of white supremacy. We will need to defend labor unions, and we will need to keep raising our voices against the further deregulation of Wall Street and extractive industries, as well as the many ways in which the new administration will turn this country into a kleptocracy. As we do these things, we must build up our infrastructure and our resources for the long game. 

From the essay: "Our framework for thinking about the next four years builds off of Gramsci’s notion of forming an historic bloc that can take on the ruling bloc in all of the arenas of struggle, including electoral arenas. We think about it this way: Occupy helped popularize the 99% vs the 1%. And this was powerful; it helped give resonance to Bernie Sanders’ campaign. But the 99% is not a homogeneous grouping, it is full of tensions, contradictions and fault-lines, which we saw so clearly (and painfully) in this election. Our imperative, going forward, is to figure out how to organize key segments of the 99% into a more unified force that is aligned ideologically and strategically, in a way that honors groups’ differences. Without alignment, we won’t have a bloc that is powerful enough do more than defend against attacks."

Our aim, going forward, is to work collaboratively with the organizations and networks that have been in the struggle for the long haul, and that are willing to push beyond their strategic limitations, to advance a long-term agenda while resisting the reactionary forces. At the same time, we also will support those who need to create new kinds of organizations and formations, especially in communities of color, with an emphasis on black leadership. With optimism of the spirit, we pledge to work on creating opportunities and spaces for bringing these formations and constituencies together into a powerful historic bloc that represents our complex, diverse, and often contradictory, communities.