Dec 21, 2012

What does the latest doomsday obsession have in common with the so-called fiscal cliff? They’re both over-hyped myths. The former was cooked up mostly by misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar. The latter is promoted by fiscal hawks who want to get their hands on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while keeping taxes down for the wealthy.

Dec 17, 2012

In today’s column, Paul Krugman dispels the “terrible trillion” bogeyman. Does current deficit spending suggest we have an out-of-control federal budget? The current deficit is a side-effect of an economic recession. And the first order of business should be to end that recession. Yet, what’s under discussion during this trumped up ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle are things that would worsen the recession, and throw us off the road to recovery.

Dec 12, 2012

In a segment called Union Jacked, Jon Stewart suggests “right-to-work” is one of those phrases that means the opposite of what it says, kind of like how strip joints are called “gentlemen’s clubs.”

Nov 14, 2012

Guest Blog by Beth Zemsky

Nov 12, 2012

Lately I’m have trouble figuring out which past moments in our nation’s racial history we are trying to relive: Is it Reconstruction all over again? Or a replay of the fight against integration? Have some of us really hopped into a time-machine back to the Antebellum South? Scary stuff. Ugly reminders of where we’ve come from, and how far we still have to go. Like the news about election night activities at Ole Miss. This particular story took me back to 1981, when I spent a summer at Ole Miss as a participant in a program for undergraduate Sociology majors.

Nov 07, 2012

We're taking a moment to breathe a sigh of relief and to savor some of the gains we are seeing from yesterday's election. We'll bring on some serious analysis in the coming days. For now, here are our quick and joyful reflections on winners and losers.


Nov 05, 2012

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff over the weekend from progressive and left thinkers and activists whom I deeply admire, making the case that, in a safely blue state, it’s okay to vote for someone you really like, such as the Green Party candidate, instead of the lesser of two evils.

Nov 01, 2012

Now that a major shift in our nation’s demographics is just around the corner, with a future in which people of European descent are no longer a numerical majority, demography is taking center-stage among pundits and prognosticators across the political spectrum. The current discourse seems to suggest that demography is destiny; that it will drive major changes in politics and culture.

Oct 31, 2012

This time last year we were asking big questions about where all the energy unleashed by Occupy would go, how it was impacting the national conversation about inequality, and what impact, if any, it would have on electoral and legislative action. We noted then that Occupy had already achieved the seemingly impossible by shifting attention away from the Tea Party and a trumped-up debt crisis toward the concentrations of wealth and power in the hands of the 1%.

Oct 24, 2012

Foreign policy debates are usually the hardest to watch. Any candidate who has gotten this far in the race to the White House goes out of his way to project toughness using un-nuanced, and often, hackneyed language.