Who We Are

“GPP's collaborative process has allowed us to think strategically about our long-term work while grounding that work in day-to-day reality.”  Dan McGrath, Executive Director, TakeAction Minnesota

Since 1993, Grassroots Policy Project staff members and consultants have worked side-by-side with leaders, organizers and staff of social movement organizations to develop grassroots power for social transformation. Our work has taken many forms over the years: trainings on power, worldview and strategy, policy and platform development, strategic planning that is rooted in power analysis, and more. Beyond training, we work with groups to put these concepts into practice. We get inside the practical reality of an organization and develop, in partnership with staff and leaders, an organic process for organizational change. [Click here for a more complete listing of our writings on these concepts].

What We Do

It doesn’t take long for organizers and leaders to appreciate the tools and concepts we’ve developed about power, worldview, and strategy. However, it is harder to change organizational priorities, practices, and culture. We work closely with organizations over time, helping them gradually shift their practices.

Cultivating strategic practice has become our main focus lately, with emphasis on the ways in which long-term strategy is brought into an organization’s day-to-day work; or how acting through a strategy impacts what an organization does.

We also have a growing library of writings on strategy, worldview and power. Feel free to use our materials with attribution, and let us know how you are using them. Also. please feel free to suggest other writings to us.

Who We Work With

Over the years, we have collaborated with member-based organizations, coalitions and networks organizing neighborhoods, workers and unions, congregations and other faith-based communities, environmental justice organizations, immigrant rights and racial justice groups, as well as intermediaries that work closely with organizing groups. Examples include National People’s Action, a national network of state and local community organizations, TakeAction MN and ISAIAH. We also work with some labor-based groups and with a number of research and training intermediaries.

Contact Us

We have offices in Berkeley, CA and Minneapolis, MN. Our mailing address is: 1515 Oxford Street, 1D, Berkeley, CA 94709. Call us at 510-898-1812 or email our staff: Richard Healey, Sandra Hinson, Dave Mann and Charlene Sinclair.

GPP Staff Members:

Richard Healey is Executive Director of GPP, as well as its founder. In the 1970s, he was National Director of the New American Movement. Subsequently Richard was Director of the Institute for Policy Studies and the Preamble Center. He has served as the director of the Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, Nuclear Times magazine, and was a founder of the Study Circle Resource Center. Richard received his Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard.

Richard is on the boards of the See Forward Foundation, the Center for Social Inclusion, the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, and the Angelina Fund.

Sandra Hinson is Policy Director for the Grassroots Policy Project and a consultant to the Commonwealth Institute. With GPP since 1994, Sandra has developed strategic planning and training materials as well as strategic analysis of housing, healthcare, taxes and budget policies. Prior to joining GPP, Sandra worked on health care issues with the Communications Workers of America. Sandra also served as Vice President of CWA Local 1188.

Dave Mann is the Minnesota Director of GPP. Dave has been working with GPP for over eight years on strategy development and planning programs. Dave helped found the Midwest States Center, served as a Co-Director of the Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action, and later participated in the creation of TakeAction Minnesota.

Charlene Sinclair is an Associate with GPP. Charlene has been involved in community organizing for over 20 years. She also has worked with the Center for Community Change on issues related to jobs, income and racial justice. Charlene currently is directing a program on racial justice and economic democracy at the Commonwealth Institute, through the Center on Race, Religion and Economic Democracy.

GPP Board Members:

· Kimberly Freeman Brown. KFB Consulting

· Adria Goodson. Hunt Alternatives’ Prime Movers Program

· Richard Healey. Grassroots Policy Project

· Charlotte Ryan. Media Research and Action Project and University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Department of Sociology